Saturday, August 4, 2012

Red, Green and Gold Tiny Teacup

Another one finished - #8 of 18.

Here’s what the whole afghan looks like now.

When I lived in NC and was working (and commuting), I had so little free time that I would never work on something like this. My stitching goals had to be different then than now.  Now I can stitch all day and one of my goals is to finish some of my unfinished projects.  This piece is very time consuming and not something that I love working on, but I do want to finish it because I think Ted’s mom will really like it. I am so thankful for the time to work on my needlework projects.

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  1. Pamela ... it is beautiful! Kate gave me ypur blog address and I am enjoying them as I recover from my encounter with camcer. sandy bartelsmeyer