Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'll have a Decaf Please

Not in Hokkaido, I won’t.  In the US, Ted and I would often have a cup of decaf coffee after dinner. Not here. We have yet to see decaf coffee anywhere in Hokkaido, not in the store, not even at Mr. Donut.  This is the regular ground coffee from the grocery store.  A 400 gram bag costs 298 yen.

I thought we would find decaffeinated coffee at the Big American Store because, well, it has the big American products.  Nope, no decaf.  A green package of coffee normally means decaf, but not in Hokkaido, not even at the Big American Store.  This Kirkland coffee, made by Starbucks, sold at the Big American Store in a green package, is caffeine coffee.

You can’t get just decaf in Hokkaido.

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