Thursday, August 30, 2012

Election Year

I’m not talking about the US presidential election.  This year is the mayoral election where we live.  Cars with speakers on top drive slowly up and down the streets, sometimes annoyingly loud and early.  I don’t know what the speakers are saying.  We also get these campaign flyers in our mailbox. I don’t know what they say either. I should find out about elections in Hokkaido. I’ll report back at a later date.

New stitching project
This is what I’ve pulled out to work on now that the teacups are done. It’s from Janice Love’s Hardanger Basics and Beyond book, Petite Square Pillow, page 45.

 After cutting and pulling out the threads, I’m ready to start working on the woven bars, picots, and spider webs.



  1. Ooooh yes! I remember those Japanese elections well.
    Your hardanger is beautiful - such wonderfully even picots. Do you have any hints? Mine never have such clear little holes - they look like little french knot bumps.

  2. Thank you! After wrapping the thread around the needle to make the picot, I pinch the little knot and slowly pull the thread until it feels like it is done. If I've pulled too far and the hole is closed, I use the needle to open it up.

    1. Thanks Pamela, I will try that on my next piece - instead of trying to avoid picots. I WILL PRACTISE :-)