Monday, August 27, 2012

My First Cross-Stitch Project

My first adventures in stitching were stamped dresser scarves and pillowcases. As far as I know none of those items still exist.  JP Coates embroidery thread cost five cents a skein and I bought it at the dime store with my allowance.  I didn’t know about counted cross stitch until much later.

This dress was my first cross stitch project.

I’d had no instruction in dress designing or making, or in proper cross stitch technique. This was a semester project for a high school art class and I designed both the dress and the cross stitch pattern.  From what I remember, the other students in my class did drawings and paintings for their semester projects in Mr. Brown's class.  The fabric is tightly woven and nearly even weave. The dress has a front, a back, two short sleeves and two shoulder pieces.  I hemmed each piece, then stitched it to the other pieces. I didn’t know the crosses should cross the same direction or that I shouldn’t tie knots in the thread. 

Inside shoulder and sleeve
 I was quite proud of my creation and wore this dress all through college and after.  I wish I were still small enough to wear it now!

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  1. Wow! A major undertaking and in High School too. As you say - we all make progress in technique and competency but few of us still have the original objects to show the progress.