Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ted the Housebuilder

Our little Neko-chan looks like she is filling out a bit, eating her Purina Neko Chow.  She’s a sweet little cat and we would like to keep her, but we are not allowed to have pets in our apartment.  If you are in Hokkaido and looking for a pet that you don’t have to spend 198,000 yen to purchase, please adopt her!
In the meantime, Ted set out to build her a shelter.  He collected a wooden stool and a couple of wooden desk drawers out of the trash pile.

He brought out his tools and found a couple of other boards and some insulation and some other odds and ends and started building Neko-chan her own little home in our back yard area. She is supervising from under the tree as she nibbles some Neko Chow. As you can see he is very handy.

The next morning she was waiting for him, so he took her breakfast and his coffee out to the Neko House.  She seems to like her little porch.

He made a front door and a back door, so she can escape if she needs to.  He even gave her some art work that can also be used to scare away wild animals. He put a towel on the floor so the inside will be comfortable.

 He found a bigger board for the roof, and it covers her porch area as well as protecting the whole house from the elements.

She seems to enjoy her porch, but we haven’t seen her in the house yet.  I guess she just needs to get used to the idea of having her very own house.  Nice job, Ted!


Miranda said...

I bet you could collar her and just keep her as an outdoor cat. :)

Kathryn F said...

That's so cool - a Neko condo! Good job Ted!

Pamela said...

We get about 500 inches of snow in the winter, otherwise that would be a good way to keep her.

Miranda said...

Oh right, forgot about that part. :P Seems so feasible right now!

Miranda said...

Oh right, forgot about that part. :P Seems so feasible right now! could *try* asking your landlord (or whatever you have) about just keeping her inside in the winter. Not that you'd be allowed to, but always worth a shot. :) Hopefully you figure out something that works!