Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stitching Like Crazy

Okuda San and I finished our biscornu last time, so it was time to start something new.  I realized everything we had done so far was counted: Christmas tree ornament, blackwork tissue holder, cross stitch bookmark, cross stitch little toolie set, eyelet and Rhodes stitch coin purse, cross stitch kitchen towels, and cross stitch biscornu.  We needed to do something different, so I thought a little crazy quilt project would be good. I had these items and my “Living in a Crazy World” birdhouse as examples.

I also had this little four step panel I made up for something else to show her.

 We spent the afternoon practicing some basic stitches, then combining them in different patterns.

Her homework for the week is to continue working on some combinations. Next week we will start the patchwork part of making a penny purse.

I finished my butterfly towels and after washing them, they are ready for use in my kitchen.

Neko report
We haven’t seen our neko in a few days and I’m very sad about it.  I’m hoping some nice family adopted the cute kitty, but I’m afraid something bad has happened. I keep looking out at the neko house, ready to take out the next meal, but there’s no one waiting.


  1. so sad about little Neko, but I bet someone adopted her and she is warm and happy!

  2. What a shame about Neko-chan. I do hope she's OK. Lovely butterfly towels.