Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Next Lesson - the Biscornu

Okuda San calls our stitching time together “lessons”.  I guess that they are lessons in that she is learning to stitch, but it’s not anything so structured as what I consider to be a lesson. She finished her butterfly kitchen towels this week, but I haven’t finished mine yet. (I was working on the tiny teacups).

We started our next project this week – a biscornu.  I printed several free patterns from theflossbox.com and stitched one up ahead of time. This one with acorns and oak leaves is Free Biscornu #32 in case you want to make one. I put some dried lavender in with the stuffing.

She chose a pattern with either four swans or four ducks, I’m not sure what they are and I am making another one with four little funny looking birds.  I tried to explain to her about the corner joining the middle to form the point, but she didn’t understand.  She’ll just have to wait and see.

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