Friday, August 24, 2012

Cloud Teacup

Another teacup finished.  Two more to go. Whew.
Outside the world of teacups – We bought the Neko a brush yesterday.  All cats like to be pretty and ours is no different.  I saw brushes at the pet store for 1200 yen, but I bought one at the Hyaku yen store for 100 yen.  The Neko doesn’t mind.
We harvested three ears of corn yesterday – Ted is very happy about that. We are getting lots of ripe tomatoes and I could almost eat them and nothing else.  We love getting food from our garden!



  1. The tea cups marathon is almost at an end! Congratulations. I am pleased that you are enjoying 'fruit' from your garden. Here is is almost Spring and I am about to plant mine.

  2. The teacups are just beautiful! I look forward to seeing the entire project will be so pretty with all of your teacups!