Monday, August 6, 2012

Rose Lace Teacup

Another finish. This is #9 of 18, so I’m at the half way point.

This one didn’t have as much back stitching as the last one, but still had quite a bit.  The backstitching makes a big difference.  This is how it looked with the cross stitch finished but before I started the backstitch. 

On to the next tiny teacup – the fish teacup.  Stay tuned…

Grapefruit Popcicle
I have discovered a delicious summer treat at the Seico Mart convenience store – the Grapefruit Popcicle.

I think this would be very popular in Raleigh and other hot areas in the US because it is cold and refreshing and is only 70 yen. (Ted isn’t so crazy about them, so maybe not.)

And just in case you are wondering --- The cat came back and told us Purina Cat Chow is its favorite food!

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