Sunday, February 17, 2013

Japanese Picture Finish

This project made me feel rather nostalgic.  I first learned to stitch on stamped pillow cases and dresser scarves.  When I was a child all of the pillows and table tops in my home were covered with the cases and scarves I stitched, but I don’t know what happened to them over the years.  I bought J&P Coates embroidery floss at the dime store with my allowance. There were so many pretty colors of floss. I liked the variegated ones best.  I learned stem stitch, cross stitch, lazy daisy, French knot, and satin stitch and could sit stitching for hours with my stitching in a little plastic hoop. After I learned to do counted thread embroidery, I left stamped items behind, preferring the precision and exactness of the counted work.

Anyway, back to the present.  I finished the stitching and put the Japanese picture in the frame that came with the kit.  I used the thread colors as pictured in the kit photo and added the print fabric that came in the kit at the corners.

 Next, I plan to finish this little Mill Hill cross stitch and bead dragonfly.  It doesn’t look like there is much left to do.


  1. Like you I started on stamped "fancy work" but I certainly prefer the mathematical precision of counted work.