Saturday, February 2, 2013


Today is the day designated as the Eve of the Beginning of Spring.  The person who originally made this designation probably didn’t live in Hokkaido.  We are still in the middle of winter, although there has been much less “winter” this year than last. We have a lot of snow, but not as much as last year when it snowed every single day (or that’s how I remember it). 

Setsubun traditions include eating uncut makizushi rolls and throwing roasted soy beans around. The bean throwing is something about getting rid of evil spirits and misfortune. I don't know if you are supposed to leave the beans laying around or pick them up.

Ted is ice fishing with the Winter Outdoor Activities class today.  I will probably do a little housekeeping today, then spend the majority of the day with a needle in my hand.

Friday afternoon stitch group report
This week Alicia took her project home to work on and Miwako finished her bead and ribbon scissor holder. It turned out very nice, don’t you think?


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