Saturday, February 9, 2013

Summer Sampler Box and Accessories

This is the class with Denise Harrington Pratt that I took at the Carolinas EGA Region Seminar.  I liked the class and the project and the teacher.  The fabric is 28 count linen and the threads beautiful overdyed silks.  The stitch variations and combinations were fun to work on.  I went home from the class and continued stitching until I had completed all of the stitching.  I even had the cording made for the different components.  What I didn’t do was finish the stitched pieces into the box and accessories. I know you must be thinking, How Horrible!  Finish the stitching and not finish the project, Unthinkable! Knowing that glue was involved, I was afraid to try to finish the box top.  I wanted it to be perfect.  Well, let me tell you, done is better than perfect.

After completing the Jubilation box the other day, I decided to pull this project out and take another look at it.

The little toolies were probably the deciding factor in taking this class.  I do like little toolies, and matching little toolies, well, I couldn’t resist. Here are before and after shots of the double sided pin keep. Padded mat board is in the inside. I had already finished the little needle threader fob in class.

The little scissor fob is also double sided.

Isn’t this needle book adorable? It really is like a little book.  The shape is held by thin plastic, the kind quilters make templates out of, covered with padding. The wool felt for the needles is stitched in place with little beads. You can see that I had already stitched the year – 2008.

Here is the top of the box.  I enjoyed stitching it.  This one is quite a bit larger than the Jubilation box and more difficult to assemble. 

I’ll say again, done is better than perfect. I’m so happy I decided to just do it.



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Terri said...

That is a gorgeous set! Congrats on the finish!

Margaret said...

It's beautiful. I like that idea for hanging the scissors in the book. There certainly is an amazing variety of stitching tools for us to construct!