Friday, February 8, 2013

Harikuyo and Bombay Blue

Today is the day of Harikuyo, the Japanese Festival of Broken Needles. Unfortunately, even though I am in Japan, I can find no local observance of this.  In areas like Kyoto where kimonos are still being made, I expect this is an event.  I have come across few needles, other than my own, in Hokkaido. I think you will find many observances of Harikuyo on stitching blogs today.  You can read here what I had to say about Harikuyo last year.

Our favorite restaurant, Bombay Blue is closed for renovations this week.  We went for dinner the last night before they closed and are looking forward to going when they re-open on the 15th. Ted ordered the Bombay Blue Mixed Grill on our last visit before they closed.


The naan isn’t really as big as Ted’s body, it’s just closer to the camera. Ted tells me this is called the wide angle effect.

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