Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jubilation Finish

Start to finish in three days.

Normally I try to put my initials and the year somewhere on a finished stitching project.  The bottom of the box has this label to fill in, so I didn’t stitch my initials and year into this small piece.

Denise Harrington Pratt’s directions and diagrams are great.   I did stray from her finishing directions just a bit. She gave directions for making the cording with a drill tool.  I don’t have  a drill, and while I’m all for having the proper tools, I don’t make cording often enough that I could justify buying and storing one.  When I do need twisted cord, I make it by attaching one end of the thread to a hook on the wall and twist the other with a pencil.  I’m satisfied with the result.

The directions called for using masking tape and tacky glue to attach the stitched piece to the padded square.  While I took both for granted in the US, I have neither here in Japan.  I’m also a bit nervous about using glue where it could get on the stitching and dry into a hard blob. I folded the stitching over the padded square, mitering the corners and stitched the corners.

I stitched the cording to the padded square with invisible thread instead of gluing the cording, as the directions instructed.

I did use regular white glue to attach the square to the top of the box. Here are several angles of the finished box and top.  The top of the box is small – about 3 ½ inches square.


Margaret said...

Lovely. You should certainly be proud of this one. It looks so professional and I love the colour.

mary ruth in NC said...

Very nice. Thank you for showing your finishing in progress pictures.

Sun City Stitcher said...

Glad you could make it work without the exact materials.