Monday, February 25, 2013

To Build a Dragonfly

As I told you yesterday, the last step was the dragonfly.

First thing was to stitch the antenna and legs – straight stitch with one strand of gold.

Next was the beaded tail. The beads were strung, then couched to keep the curve.

The center eyelet was made to hold the wings, but later covered.

The wings were made by stitching two layers of sheer ribbon to gold florist wire, then cutting away the edges. The wires are poked through the eyelet and tacked to the back.

The thorax was satin stitched with kreinik braid, covering the eyelet.

Finally, three beads created the head and eyes, and the dragonfly is finished.

I have really enjoyed working on this piece.  I think this would be nice in the top of a box. Until I find one, the Dragonfly Lace Sampler will be another unfinished finished project.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

What a beauty. Isn't it amazing how each part adds up - in stumpwork that is ever so much more visible.