Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Days and a Little Bit of Color

When I was a kid, we’d get up early and listen to the local radio station when it snowed to hear if school was closed for the day.  We called those days when school was closed, Snow Days.  We get a lot of snow here, but “Snow Days” are rare. People are used to driving in the snow and things go on as usual.

Dragonfly Lace was looking like a snowy day – all white.  Step six was to stitch the waterlilies in cross stitch, backstitch, and lazy daisy stitch with silk thread.

Step seven was to add the beads between the kloster blocks.

There’s just one more step, but it has several parts. All that’s left is the dragonfly.

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Margaret said...

Oh it's good to be back and to catch up with your blog. You have done such a lot in the three days I have been gone. This dragonfly piece looks lovely. I like the fact that the hardanger is mixed with drawn thread and stumpwork.