Friday, January 17, 2014

Art Musuems in Ubud, Bali

While staying in Ubud, we visited three art museums.

Museum Puri Lukisan
The Puri Lukisan was fairly close to our hotel and was where I took the first batik class. It is the oldest art museum in Ubud, with the mission to preserve, develop and document modern-traditional Balinese art. The museum is made up of three buildings of artworks and beautiful gardens and grounds, plus a restaurant.

Neka Art Museum
The Neka Museum was also made up of several buildings plus some beautiful gardens.  Ted returned to this museum alone, when I was at a batik class, see the special exhibition, Keris in Culture: Traditional Daggers in the Arts.

ARMA (Agung Rai Museum of Art)
The ARMA is a museum and a center for visual and performing arts. It was the newest of the three we visited and photographs were not allowed inside.

Bali is an area rich in visual art and we were fortunate to get a taste of it at these three musuems.



  1. It is good to see they are taking good care to preserve their cultural inheritance. The work is very intricate and exotic.

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful and ...peaceful. Thank you for sharing. I want to go there - now.