Saturday, January 25, 2014

Leaf Progress

The table runner is coming along.  For the backing, I pieced together some of the fabrics from the front. The binding is a dark red with oak leaves fabric.

I have five leaves stitched down and have begun working on the sixth.

In the comments on the last post about this project, Margaret wondered if my new machine could stitch the equivalent of a blanket stitch.  It can, but there are so many fiddling little curves, I didn’t think I could do it and make it look nice.  Queenie asked about the glue in the steam a seam product and if it made it hard to stitch.  Steam a seam is fairly light and easy to stitch through.  I had used another product (I don’t know the name) on another quilt years ago and was not happy using it.  It was thick and the needle ended up sticky, so it was hard to stitch.

13th Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival
I don't get to attend this year, but I'm happy to read all about it at Queenie's Needlework Blog. Check out part one of her reports here.


  1. I love those leaves, especially the teal and red ones in the bottom row. They remind me of how much I love scuffing through the oak avenue in the park.

  2. Good progress on those leaves. Thank you for answering our questions in this blog post and putting a link to my report of the quilt show. Today's post feature your Partnership block!