Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tuesday Group Starts Something New

Our little group is now three because the fourth one had a baby in December and is busy right now.  She will join us again when the baby is a little older and the snow a little less.  We look forward to having her back.

Last week one of our members finished her hardanger sachet and this week the other member is almost finished.  It was time for them to start a new project and I will start working on an old project again.  I began this Knot Garden a few years ago at a Royal School of Needlework class.  I’ve only put a few stitches in since coming to Japan and I have been wanting to get back to work on it.  My two stitching friends want to work on a smaller (much smaller) version of the garden.  While they are making their own little gardens, I will work on mine.  They will be drawing their own gardens on the canvas and choosing their own stitches.  I think this will be fun for all of us.

My own neglected knot garden

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