Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Morning Coffee Ritual

Ted and I both drink coffee every morning. When we are at home we have a routine or ritual about our making and drinking coffee. 

When we lived in the US, I always got up earlier.  Before I left for work, I would wake him up and bring him a cup of coffee in bed.  I don’t do that here because our bed is in a tatami room.   We don’t eat or drink in the tatami rooms, because as careful as you think you are being, accidents can happen.  We’re not taking any chances.

If we both get up at the same time, I ask him, do you want your coffee first or second? That may sound like a strange question, unless you know that we don’t drink the same coffee.  Ted drinks “ninja” coffee and I drink coffee that is not so strong.  Ted’s answer is always “first”.  (He really doesn’t function without coffee in the morning.) He grinds his coffee beans the night before, I usually drink a coffee that we buy already ground.

We both drink our coffee with milk. While Ted’s coffee is brewing, his milk is heating in the microwave.  Ted likes hot hot hot ninja coffee, I’m okay with cooler coffee, so my milk isn't heated.

After Ted gets his first cup, the rest goes into a thermos, and I make my regular strength coffee.

This is our special occasion coffee from Cosco that we drink in the afternoon or sometimes with a dessert.  It is so delicious, I can drink it without milk.

If you want decaf in Japan, you better bring it from America because it is hard to find here.


  1. Not so much the oriental tea ceremony then lol
    but when you find a coffee that you like, its worth treating it with respect too !

  2. I am still drinking Ninja Coffee, too!

  3. It is nice with rituals and coffee preparation and drinking can become a ritual. Too often we tend to 'grab' a coffee and not really enjoy its flavour. A meditative zen coffee ceremony should be created!