Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eating (and Drinking) in Bali

Breakfast was included in both of our hotel packages.  In Ubud, we had fresh fruit every morning, and the hotel staff would make eggs or a banana pancake to order.  I love watermelon (which is very expensive in Japan) so that is what I ate every morning.  At the hotel in Sanur, there was a full buffet breakfast.

The museums offered a drink or a drink and dessert as part of the admission price. It was nice to take a break.


We really liked the Warung Palau Kelapa restaurant near the Neko Art Museum.

On our all day trip around the island, we had a buffet lunch.  The food was so-so, but the view of the volcano was very nice.


Ted had a duck dinner one evening.

  Seafood pizza was very good and very inexpensive. We ate it several times.

Ted had Australian beefsteak a couple of times. Cheap in Bali but expensive in Japan.
We ate well on this trip.

And in case you are wondering, Ted approved of the local beer, Bintang.


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  1. And now it is back to tofu and miso soup? I understand you enjoyed your holiday!