Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blackwork Fish

We are taking a trip at the end of the month and I am already thinking about what stitching I will bring along. I just started this new project that I can work on without a chart and with only one kind of thread.

I basted the design with red thread, then tore away the paper. I'll take out the basting thread after I stitch the design.
Each fish has a different blackwork design, so I stitched enough of each one, using one strand of cotton floss, that I can continue without a chart.
The hard part is to save it for the trip and not continue working on it now!


  1. What kind of paper do you use for the basting part?

    1. Tissue paper works best - it's see through for tracing the design and tears away easily.

  2. What an adorable project! It would be hard to start on this one and then set it aside. Looks like fun!

  3. The pattern really makes one think of fish scales. It will be fun to work on while you are travelling, so DO put it asidefor now!

  4. What a fun project. Having made a start on each section will certainly make your holiday stitching easier.