Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blogs I Read

If you read my blog from a mobile device, you may not see the right side bar.  From the computer version, you can see one section showing a list of blogs, which is in order as the blogs in the list are updated (most recently updated at the top).  Some of the blogs are written by my friends, some are written by stitchers I like, some are written by stitch bloggers who have become my friends, some are about Japan, and one is my husband Ted’s photography blog.  I have removed some blogs because they weren’t updated, but I won’t be removing Ted’s even though he doesn’t update often. He is my husband, and I have faith that he will have time to post more at some point.

I want to recommend a relatively new blog called walktalk, written by my longtime good friend, Karen. She writes on a lot of informative walk topics, with a personal perspective. She gives great information, without being dry or boring. Not only is she a caring and compassionate person and a fitness expert, she practices what she preaches.  Check out walktalk For Walkers.

I recommend checking out all of the blogs on my list.  Some you may be familiar with because I’ve linked to them in the past. Isn’t it amazing how I can be in Japan and stay connected to people all over the world by blog?

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  1. Pamela, thank you so much for the "shout out"! You are my inspiration, you know. I love reading your blog, I feel so in touch with your life even though you are so far away. I absolutely love reading and seeing your pictures of Japan, especially with your humorous commentary. Believe it or not, I have even read some of the blogs posted on your site and they are amazing. You really have quite a reach, and your stitching is…beautiful and a gift to all you share it with. I am so proud to know you and so very happy we are still friends from as far back as good old WIU!!