Friday, November 1, 2013

November Calendar


I’ve done a little more with the flat Christmas tree.  I stitched the yo-yo’s down with red buttons.

I’ve also made 12 presents and have them pinned in place. I can hardly wait to show you what is inside them.  Can you guess?



Queeniepatch said...

Wow! Great idea with the buttons - and you made a little dent in your stash!
The presents are looking very intriguing. Now for the quiz, you say there are 12 and the quilt is for Ted's office... So are there 12 working days in December before the holidays? One present to be opened each day? A flat present? Memory cards for the camera? Tickets to some events? Or hand written romantic messages? OR a list of the presents you want for YOUR Christmas, ha, ha?!

Pamela said...

All good guesses and ideas, but not correct. You are right about the number 12. It has to do with a Christmas song that may be well known in the US but not elsewhere, I'm not sure. I hope to complete enough in the next day or so to reveal the answer.