Saturday, November 2, 2013

Festival from America

Ted and his outdoor life students held the university’s first ever Halloween Festival. Some art students and a few English speaking friends from the community were also invited.  Being from the US, we just take Halloween for granted – we grew up begging for candy door to door (also known as trick or treating) and understand costumes and scary stuff like ghosts and witches, but this was new for most of the students.

The students were so excited! Everyone brought food to share and almost everyone wore costumes. Most of the students came up with great costumes – I didn’t even know who some of them were under make up and masks until they told me.  Ted wore a bear head with a ski race bib over black clothes and was a tsuki no waguma, which is a Japanese bear (kind of a play on words – tsuki for ski). I wore an Indian sari (with several big safety pins because I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t come undone and fall off.) My so called costume wasn’t so good, but it was easy.

Ted worked really hard and it was a grand success.  The students are already making plans for next year and want it to be a party for the whole university.



Queeniepatch said...

You seem to be having a great time! Good luck for next year.

Margaret said...

What an interesting variety of costumes. Looks like you all had a great time.