Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday in Japan. Today is a Thursday like the other Thursdays. Most people here don’t know about the Pilgrims in America in 1621 or the Macy’s Parade or all day football or even Black Friday.

We did have the good fortune to be invited to a pot luck Thanksgiving dinner party this weekend with other foreigners in the area.  One family has an oven that is slightly bigger than a Cosco turkey, so it was a traditional turkey dinner.  Two of the dinner guests (from Singapore and New Zealand) had never experienced a Thanksgiving dinner before.

I’ll try to give you a list of the menu items, but there was so much that I might forget something.  Turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied sweet potatoes, coleslaw, vegetable salad, deviled eggs, four kinds of homemade bread, celery and peanut butter, pasta with vegetables, cranberry sauce, fruit salad, jello, pumpkin pie.


I am thankful for my husband, Ted, (who is a great photographer  and unfortunately doesn't always get in the picture) and thankful to be here in Japan with him.  I’m thankful for my friends all over the world. I’m thankful to be able to stitch as much as I do.  I’m thankful Ted has such a great job – he gets to do things he’d be doing even if he wasn’t getting paid to do it.  His job also allows me to stitch every day and not have to work.  I’m thankful to have my little part time jobs that allow me to interact with people here. I never forget how fortunate we are to have this wonderful opportunity to be in Japan.


Margaret said...

And I am thankful you write your blog as I enjoy the reminders of my time living in Hokkaido. I am thankful you are for the loads of inspiration you provide. I am thankful for your friendship. Enjoy Thanksgiving

Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving Pamela! I'm thankful for your blog and for the connection to Hokkaido it gives me. Wishing you the best through the rest of 2013~

Queeniepatch said...

Thanksgiving is not a tradition in any country I have lived in. However, I am still thankful for my life and that I can enjoy every day and what it brings me.