Friday, November 29, 2013

Hexagon Pouch Finish

My first hexagon epp project was to be the hexagon pouch in Jessica’s Quilt on the Go book. I last posted about it here .  After getting the hexagons put together, I put it aside and started working on the blue hexagons for the quilt and forgot all about the pouch. I pulled it out again and was able to finish it in a relatively short amount of time. I quilted along the seam lines by hand, then squared it off with the rotary cutter.  I added the blue binding by hand and two snaps and it is finished.  It’s not exactly the cute pouch from the book because I didn’t read the directions.  (The hexagons I used were of a larger size.) I’m happy with it anyway.  I love the look of the Japanese fabrics, even though they were difficult to use on this project. Maybe I’ll make another pouch.  Maybe I’ll wait to start it until after the quilt piecing is done.  We’ll see.


I’ve only tried the 26 mm size hexagons so far, but plan to venture into different sizes and shapes in the future.  I especially want to try working with the teeny tiny hexagons.  Check out Susie's very tiny English paper piecing here.


Margaret said...

I'm tempted by your hexagon adventures to try this myself. Maybe a pouch is a more achievable project for me than a huge bed cover.

Queeniepatch said...

This is such a manageable size of a project. The fabric selection is indeed lovely. Working tiny hexagons take time but the effect is very charming. Lots of colour and print combinations are possible. Have fun!

Manuela said...

Your little hexagon pouch is wonderful.

Have a nice weekend, Manuela.