Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hardanger Progress

This week, two people were ready to start cutting and the other was finishing her kloster blocks. Here are my directions for the cutters.

I just can’t explain this in Japanese. I demonstrated with my own piece and they were ready.  With scissors in hand they were giggling and saying it was muzukashi (difficult) and kowai (scary).
I was happy that no one cut the wrong thread. Even though I could fix my own if I cut the wrong thread, I don’t know how to explain how to fix it.

Our project only uses wrapped bars, but I pulled out this practice piece to show examples of other fillings. 

I think they were happy with their progress for the day. I am.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! They did great job! It's always scary the first cut of the thread from the first project to the tenth. Well done!

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  4. Pamela, I am amazed! You can teach hardanger to Japanese women without knowing Japanese perfectly. Well done. Atama wo sagemasu (+ I bow my head to your superiority) :-) Your pupils look so proud of themselves . I hope your grin was ear to ear as well.

  5. I, too, would find it 'kowai' to put scissors to my embroidery. With your easy to understand illustration I am sure all went well.