Saturday, November 30, 2013

TAST 91-93 Straight, Crossed, and Plaited Feather Stitches

This week I’m doing three stitches because they all go together.  You can check out Take a Stitch Tuesday on Sharon B’s Pintangle Blog to see how they’re done. I like all three versions and had fun working my samples.

TAST 91 is the Straight Feather Stitch (worked from right to left).  I tried it out with perle #5 (yellow), perle #8 (hot pink), perle # 12 (light blue), and accentuate (black). 

TAST 92 is the Crossed Feather Stitch (worked from left to right).  I did the first step in hot pink, with the second step in hot pink part of the row and light pink the rest.  The second try, I used black accentuate for the first step and a black and gold accentuate for the second step.

TAST 93 is the Plaited Feather Stitch (worked from right to left).  I tried light blue perle #12 with black perle #12; gold keinik #8 with black perle #12, and black perle 12 for both steps in the upper row.  In the bottom row, I made a wider, shorter stitch.  First I used black/gold accentuate with green accentuate, then black perle #12 with green accentuate.


Queeniepatch said...

You have been busy stitching all three variations. The Straight sided is very graphic and strict in looks, the other two are perfect for decorative 'braids' to edge things. I like them all, but think I prefer a thick thread to a thinner one.

Anonymous said...

all the samples are beautiful, my favourite is the white and pink combination.