Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Japan's Summer Olympic Games Uniforms

With about three months until the summer olympics in Paris, Japan unveiled their official uniforms. According to the clothing maker Asics Corp., "the bright red tops are inspired by the French capital's sunrises, while the use of recycled materials contributed to a 34 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions in their manufacture, compared to those for the Tokyo Olympics three years ago." 

This post shows the 2020 uniforms.


Toki said...

When I saw the uniform on TV, I thought it was very simple. But it's made with recycled fabric, so I feel it's appropriate for the Olympics. I also hope that the uniforms are comfortable for the player to wear.

Jeanie said...

They look good!

Leonore Winterer said...

They look less formal than the last ones - I think it fits the occasion better. And saving emissions is always good, especially for something like these uniforms that won't be used for a long time!