Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Work In Progress Wednesday

 New Start - Mitten ornament

New Start - Small kogin piece

New Start - Stitch Group Candlewicking

International Panda (small) progress - one black length of thread

Spring Bride progress


Queeniepatch said...

Five projects, and you of course also have the Monday Morning Hexagon progress, so a very productive week.
The double wedding ring quilt is growing, will we be able to see the bride herself one day?

Mary said...

Lovely progress on your wips. The Candlewick looks interesting; I have never seen anyone do it before.

Mary said...

Lovely array of wips.

Toki said...

This time’s mittens are filled with alphabets and are cute.
I will keep an eye on your group’s new projects.
Even if you are working on many projects at the same time, I'm sure everything will go well because you work quickly and carefully.

Linda said...

Hi Pam. I love your mitten ornaments. Can you tell me the name of the designs and designer please. All your other projects look great.


Mylene said...

Great progress on all your projects.