Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Calendar for the New Year

Don’t you love starting the new year with a clean new calendar? Twelve empty months to fill (or not) with reminders of things to come.

Margaret from Margaret’s Blog sent me a 2013 New Zealand Embroiderer’s Guild calendar back in October, with beautiful embroidery photos each month. This is the January photo.


The description below the photo says “IF IT WASN’T FOR YOUR GUMBOOTS…! By Jo Ann Ingram, Tauranga.  Taihape’s gumboots given a colourful makeover in machine embroidery with mixed media, 44x20 cm.”

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Margaret said...

Taihape is a tiny country town "world-famous within New Zealand" for its annual gumboot throwing competition. My own gumboots (used for gardening) are well past their use-by date and need replacing but not with embroidered ones!