Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now I Have Three

The dancers in my hula group wear different matching skirts each week and they all seem to have at least a dozen skirts each.  For the most part, I’m of the opinion that less is better so I have not asked about the skirt schedule.  I had two skirts, both given to me and it was okay with me that I didn’t match everyone else.

My classmates thought otherwise and made me a gift of a new white skirt last week.  Maybe they thought I felt bad about not matching.  It was very nice of them to make sure I am matching everyone else.  Now I am all set – the first week is white skirt, the last week is tan skirt, and the other weeks are flowered skirts.

They seemed surprised that I knew about bringing omeyage back from my vacation. Japanese people always bring back little gifts, usually food. If you forget to buy omeyage, you can always get it at the airport.  Most people on the plane will be carrying omeyage bags and I don’t think it counts toward your carryon luggage.  Anyway, this is what I brought for the hula group, little tarts made from the purple Okinawan sweet potatoes.  

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