Monday, January 28, 2013

My Soon To Be Hula Debut

Like I’ve said before, I never really know what is going on.  I thought I was agreeing to go to lunch, but I found out I was agreeing to perform in public.

This is what happened.  At the beginning of hula class, one of the teachers was making an announcement.  I always try to look like I’m paying attention, even when I have no idea what is being said. One of my class mates asked me if I would be teaching an English class a week from Tuesday. I said no, I was free all day.  She said she would pick me up at noon.  Doesn’t that sound like lunch? Next thing I know, they are talking about what color skirts to wear.  That doesn’t sound like lunch. That’s when I found out I had agreed to performing with the group.  I tried to tell them I’m not ready, I’m not good enough. They kept telling me jozu. No, I’m not!  Well, it’s going to be the white skirt and someone is loaning me the shirt and flowers to match everyone else. We had an extra hour of practice after the two hour class and I’m still worried.  We will practice again next week.  What have I gotten myself into?
Living in an apartment, we shovel the entrance way twice a month.  If you live in a house in Hokkaido, you have to be shoveling your roof and driveway and entry way all the time.  This house and carport are across the street from us.  Shoveling snow all the time is how people here stay so genki.
I’ve finished the beaded fringe on the shawl, and am now working on the beaded embellishment on the body of the piece.  I’ll try to have pictures tomorrow.  The name of the piece is actually Plum Panache, not Purple Panache, like I posted the other day.

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Miwako said...

Don't worry.
I know you can make an effort for nice performance. Take it easy!

I can't wait to see your shawl! and What's the next Pamela?