Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stitched Bags and Purses

Today I’m showing a few stitched bags and purses.

This butterfly purse was a kit and included the canvas, the thread, and the purse.  After stitching the butterfly panel, I attached it to the purse with invisible thread.

I made this purse and the little bag for inside when I was in high school, using a pair of old jeans.  The brown and orange lining was a dress I liked but could no longer wear.

The beaded crane canvas was a project I finished since I’ve been in Japan.

This crazy quilt penny purse was a project taught by Mary Challman when I was in the Indianapolis Guild. It’s just big enough for a credit card and a few dollars and can be worn around the neck. It looks quite worn because I have used it a lot.

This puzzle purse was a 20th anniversary Carolina Sampler Guild project.  The colors and motifs are all symbols of things in the guild, but I can’t remember what they all are. Stitching was the easy part of this project; getting it to fold just right was more difficult.

top - closed

bottom - closed

I am quite pleased with this ribbon and beaded purse and carry it when I get dressed up.  Deanna Powell taught this class at the Richmond EGA National Seminar.  The ribbons were attached to muslin, then the seams covered with seed beads in a fly stitch.  The beaded strap is done in peyote stitch.

This Victorian bag was a class at the Chicago EGA National Seminar.  There are some little toolies to go inside, but I haven’t finished them yet.

This is a paperback book cover I made. I haven’t used it since moving here because I have no paperbacks in English, but in the US it was handy for reading in public places.

We will soon be home from our trip and back to regular posts.  Stay tuned.

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Debby said...

I started following your blog at the recommendation of a mutual friend - Mary M in Colorado! I've enjoyed so much learning about your adventures in Japan.

Imagine my shock/interest to learn that you took the ribbon/beaded purse project from Deanna Powell in Richmond. I took that class too!!!! I haven't finished mine, but I think it will be on my list of WIPs to finish next year! I can't place you in the class - but it was 5 1/2 years ago and my memory isn't that good anymore!

I hope you enjoyed your vacation and have a wonderfully joyful and blessed New Year!