Thursday, January 24, 2013

Luckily, It Was Our Day to Shovel

There are 16 apartments and two entrance ways to our apartment building.  Someone made up a schedule so that each apartment is assigned to shovel the entrances and a path out first thing in the morning every 16 days. A big machine from the university pushes the snow back from the main part of the parking lot and each car owner shovels out his or her car.  It’s not unusual for it to snow six or eight inches or more overnight, which is a lot of work to shovel first thing in the morning.  Yesterday it was our day to shovel and it didn’t snow overnight! We didn’t have to get dressed and go out in the dark and cold to shovel.  It was our lucky day.

I’ve finished the netted fringe on one side of the shawl and will be working on the other side today.  No progress on the silk gauze cat to show.

1 comment:

  1. My, there's quite a few hours of work in that fringe.
    Oh how I remember the snow shovelling - a real workout that. I am pleased for you that there was no snow today!