Sunday, January 13, 2013

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

We stayed at four different hotels on this trip – in Kyoto, when we first arrived in Naha, in Nago, and in Naha at the end of the trip. 
All of the places we stayed were small but comfortable. They didn’t have drawers or anywhere to put things.  When we went out each day, I put my things back in the pack.  Ted, not so much.

They all had “western” beds, meaning we didn’t have to sleep on the floor, and televisions with four or five Japanese language channels. All of the hotels had either robes or pajamas and slippers. Some hotels had notices that you were not to come to breakfast in your robe and slippers.

The hotel in Nago had an open air public bath on the top floor.  It was like an onsen but had regular heated water instead of the mineral water in an onsen.  The three hotels in Okinawa had breakfast buffets included and the Kyoto hotel had one we paid for one morning.  A breakfast buffet in Japan is more like lunch.  They don’t have waffles or pancakes or sweets.  There is rice and miso soup and cold broccoli and noodle salad made with mayonnaise, along with yogurt and fruit and buns.

Beer was sold in the vending machines of all of the hotels we stayed in. Orion is the local Okinawan beer.

The bathrooms in the rooms have soap and shampoo in dispensers not individually packaged items.  The hotels here do have toothbrushes with little toothpastes and razors with little shaving creams and brushes or combs.

This was the water turn on for both the bath tub and the sink in the last hotel.  Fortunately, I know the kanji for stop.

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