Saturday, July 21, 2018

NHK Partnership House Block

My nighttime house is finished and in the mail.  You can find out more about this project here in Japanese.  I gave some details about this year's project here in English. There is still time to get your block made and in the mail!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Finish - Noel Assisi

I finished this into a holiday door hanger.  The backing fabric is the same as the binding and I used some thin batting to give it a little body. I like how it turned out.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Japanese Hoarder

Most Japanese homes are small (by US standards anyway) and close together. People are polite and don't want to do things that will annoy their neighbors.  That's the stereotype anyway.

The District Court in Nagoya ordered the forcible clean up of this gomiyashiki (garbage house) that neighbors have filed complaints about for the last ten years. This three-story, 180 square meter home, inhabited by the 62 year old son of the elderly owner, is being cleaned up against his will.  Authorities estimated it would take at least 3 days to clean up the cardboard boxes, furniture, and other items which have overflowed from the house to the sidewalk. The resident is quoted as saying, "While I don't agree with the court's decision, it can't be helped". 

I don't know how big of a problem hoarding is in Japan, but in the US there are television series devoted to the problem. They bring in psychologists, organizers, and cleaning crews.  The families of the horders cry and still the hoarders can't let go of their "treasures" and often times just plain trash.  It makes me cringe, as much about the health hazards as the disorganized mess itself.  Are there any gomiyashiki in your area?  What can be done about them?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Work in Progress Wedesday - A New Idea

I have a few (!) old kimonos and even more old handkerchiefs, so I have the idea to make some little bags.  Here's the first one I've started, using the sleeve.


If this one goes well, maybe I'll make some as gifts.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sunday Stitch Group

We met to work on our NHK Partnership Quilt Blocks, and one person worked on her Chicken Scratch.

They will work on their blocks at home a little more and get them mailed in time to be received by July 31st.

I will show mine soon.  I might be finished with it, or I might need to add another thing or two!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Morning Star Count - Week 10

Year Two of the temperature quilt  

Week 10,  July 1 - 7

90, 93, 91, 90, 86, 77, 82  

First 10 weeks of Year 2

Sarah at Sarah Did It! is continuing to host us on Wednesdays, so please check out the temperatures around the world.  Feel free to join it! 

I am reporting the high temperature each day.  My Year Two temperature/color (Fahrenheit) scheme remains the same: 

100 + Brown 

90-99 Red  

80-89 Orange 

70-79 Yellow  

60-69 Green  

50-59 Blue 

40-49 Purple 

30-39 Pink 

20-29 White 

10-19 Black  

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Umi no Hi

Tomorrow is a national holiday in Japan - Umi no Hi, or Sea Day. It is celebrated on the third Monday in July and is roughly around the time that the rainy season ends. The purpose of this holiday to give thanks for the ocean and what comes from it and to think about the importance of the ocean to the island nation.  

I have the day off work tomorrow so maybe I'll talk a walk to the beach. This is what it looks like where I live (winter photo).

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Go to Jail, Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go

I read in Japan Today that the Tokyo Metro Police Department has arrested 525 people for violating the Road Traffic Act when they failed to pay fines for traffic violations between July 2015 and October 2017.  In June, the Traffic Enforcement Division strengthened its investigation of these criminals and had them arrested.  The committed offenses include ignoring traffic signals and operating a mobile phone while driving.  In the US, there isn't enough jail space for the violent offenders, let alone the traffic offenders.  If you live in Japan, pay your fines!  Better yet, be more careful to follow the traffic laws.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Finish - Bee Needlebook

I received this kit as a gift.  It didn't take long to make and it is the perfect complement to my other Bee toolies.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Asimo - Retired?

Honda has announced it may scrap future generations of Asimo. Asimo, the humanoid robot that was launched in 2000, danced for German leader Angela Merkel and in 2014, played football with former US President Barack Obama. 

Honda says it may focus on humanoid robots that can help care for elderly and disabled people. There have been no upgrades to Asimo since the seventh generation debuted in 2011.  

I use Asimo in my beginner English class for teaching can and can't.  First we talk about what he can do - open and close doors, operate light switches, walk forward and backwards, climb stairs, carry loads, push carts, bend and straighten his joints, raise his arms 105 degrees, etc.  Then I ask the student what Asimo can't do and we discuss why he can't.  Can he ride a bicycle? Can he talk on the phone?  Can he swim?  And so on. I can also introduce acronyms - Advanced Step in Innovative MObility with Asimo.  In addition, Asimo is so cute!