Friday, February 10, 2012

All of the Day's Activities have been Cancelled

We were again having snow showers yesterday. (That means blizzard to people from Raleigh). The stitching circle was to meet yesterday morning at ten o’clock.  At nine o’clock, Okuda San came to my door and said her friend was sick, can we meet next week?  Okay, so I have several free hours.  I thought I would spend more time on the Japanese lesson for class last night.

Watashi wa Sapporo e ikimashita.
Watashi wa getsu youbi ni Sapporo e ikimashita.
Watashi wa densha de Sapporo e ikimashita.
(Note - as you see in the next paragraph, there was no class last night, so I don't know if these sentences are correct.)

Later in the day I received an email message from my Japanese sensei saying class was cancelled this week because the snow removal workers can’t keep up with the amount of snow that is falling.  She will see us next week.

I thought that was a pretty good sign that I should start a new project – never mind that I have hundreds of unfinished projects already.  You may have already figured out that I am much better at starting the needlework projects than finishing them.  I do finish some, but I am so much better at starting new ones.  Anyway, a couple of years ago my friend Kathryn made several beautiful beaded boxes.  I wanted to make them too, so I bought the book Little Bead Boxes by Julia S. Pretl.  Yesterday I pulled out the book and lots of different colored delica beads to start my first beaded box.  The book’s instructions said that the triangle boxes were the easiest, so that’s where I would start.  I chose these three colors. (I know there are some people who don’t think blue and yellow go together, but that’s just silly.  Blue goes with everything.)

I spend the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening (with supper in between there) starting the box.  Here’s what I had after one hour.

After two hours.

After three hours.

After four hours.  You can see I have started the sides.

I put it away for the evening, but plan to work on it again today. If you are not a stitcher, you may not think I got a whole lot done, but I'm pleased with my progress. Everything good takes time. 

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