Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snowsuits are for the Very Young

All small children in Hokkaido wear these one piece snowsuits with hoods and mittens and gaiters attached.  What a great idea! I’m struggling with inner pants and outside slick pants and a down jacket and an outside slick jacket and mittens that don’t stay in my pocket when I take them off and a headband and gaiters to keep the snow out of my boots.  How convenient it would be to have all this in one zip-on piece!

This is what I thought when I was at the Snow Festival and saw so many children wearing these little suits.  I thought that until --- I had to use the public rest room.  It would be very difficult to get out of those little suits, or at least out of them enough to use the toilet. Ah ha!  All of these little snowsuited children have some adult attached to them – that’s how they do it!

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Kathryn Farrago said...

aha! too funny :-)