Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yukigassen - the Snow Ball Fight

Another of the Winter Activity class events is Yukigassen, which translates to snow battle. Yukigassen is a snowball fight game between two teams, and is similar to capture the flag. 

This activity involved a lot of team work in building the forts. The center part of course was the dividing line between sides and where the flag was.

After the forts were built the teams had a certain amount of time to make snowballs and could only use the snow balls made during this time.

The participants have to wear serious face masks and helmets for this activity. If you got hit anywhere on your body, you were out.   

The first year teams fought each other. Te Oi team won. Afterwards the third year team played winners.  They thought they won, but they were disqualified for having too many people on a team. The outdoor teachers played on team with third year students against the first years.

The students who weren’t involved in the game being played were still able to entertain themselves.

They all fought hard.

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