Friday, February 17, 2012

The Last of the Outdoor Life Winter Activities Classes

The last was actually two activities held in one morning – snowshoeing and hockey. (I should say the last for this school year.)

The morning started with snowshoeing.  After a quick lesson in the equipment and how to use it, the students took off into the woods. The fresh snow made it seem like they were in the wilderness.

Next on the agenda was ice hockey, using strap on plastic “skates”.  The competition took place on a packed smooth area in one of the university parking lots.

These winter activities classes were a good introduction to the activities for the first year students and a great way for the third year students to practice leadership skills and activity planning.

I’m continuing to work on the beaded nutcrackers. I think I’ve figured out the increasing and decreasing odd count peyote. These beads are so shiny and pretty, although the nutcrackers are a little scary looking.

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