Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Party for the soon to be graduates

Last night we attended a party in honor of the fourth year Outdoor Life students, held at a downtown hotel. We traveled to and from the party by taxi, as I think most people, even those who own cars, did. Driving after drinking any alcohol is not tolerated in Japan.

The party began with the head of the department making a toast. You know I have no idea what was said.

This was followed by Sapporo beer.  As is Japanese custom, the people near you keep watch over your glass and fill it as needed.

Faculty members gave speeches.

Food was eaten (with chop sticks).

There were videos made by the students and photos shown.  This is a small department and the students all seem very close.

The fourth year students were called to the stage and the third year students presented each one with a photo card. This brought several to tears.

The fourth year students each had the opportunity to speak and the party ended with another toast.

This was the first party. 

It was followed by the second party at another location that we did not attend.  If Ted hadn’t had to get up early to catch the bus for a downhill ski class, he would have attended. I think the students in this class were probably at the second party, but at twenty it's easier to do these things than when you are..........older.

Today is Valentine’s Day.  In Japan, it is a holiday where women give men chocolate. Not just husbands and boyfriends, but bosses and co-workers and other men too. Before you say, how unfair, let me tell you, there is another day in March where men give women gifts.

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Kathryn Farrago said...

Do you know why so many people seem to flash the 'peace' sign when their picture is taken? Both men and women do it, and not just in pictures that you and Jones Sensei have taken.

ps -- Love the necklace. I think I remember that you have a couple of paper embroidery pieces, is this one of them?