Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Behave on the Escalator

When I was at the train station yesterday, I took these photos of the escalator sign while moving. (Yes, I had to go up and down more than once to get a view without people in front.) Most of the train station signs are only in Japanese.  This one is also in English to make sure English speakers understand how to behave on the escalator.

Just in case you can’t read from the photos:
Don’t get snagged
Do not lean out
Hold on to your luggage
Do not run up or down
Hold on to the handrail
Will stop suddenly in an emergency
No horseplay
Step off and keep moving

I have to say, in all the times I’ve been at the train station, I’ve never seen any mishap on the escalator, so the sign must be doing its job.

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