Friday, March 30, 2012

Snow Skiing in Hokkaido

Skiing is a big part of the tourism industry in Hokkaido and Japan.  There are 87 snow/ski resorts in Hokkaido and over 600 in Japan. In all of the US there are only 427 ski areas. reports that almost all inhabitants of Japan are within a couple of hours of a ski area.   Japan is about the size of the state of California (which has 30 ski areas). Who knew there were so many ski areas in Japan?

This year’s weather was not good for skiing in the US, but in Hokkaido, it was very good.   Part of Ted's job is teaching skiing and taking students on skiing field trips. He was fortunate to be able to ski at several different resorts in Hokkaido this winter and thinks the snow here is the best he’s ever experienced.

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