Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winter Wanes

I don’t know if waxing and waning applies to winter, like it does the moon.  Waxing is when it increases and waning is when it decreases, if you get them mixed up, like I do.  It seems to me that winter is waning here. We continue to get snow, but it is less frequent and less intense. This is what it looked like out my windows yesterday after the sun came up and the snow plow had been through the parking lot. We had a few inches of new snow.

I can’t say that I mind or even that I am tired of the snow yet. If I were in North Carolina and it was still snowing the end of March, I’d probably be tired of it. I’d have to drive in it and walk to and from my car in it.  Here, it’s kind of like reading a mystery. You can try to anticipate or guess what is going to happen next, but you don’t know until it does happen.  We’ve had above freezing days and the snow on the streets is melting, leading me to think it’s getting to be spring.  Some days it still snows and the temperatures stay below freezing. Even though it’s still winter here, I think winter is waning.

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