Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Vacation Album

Since moving to Hokkaido I’ve gotten behind in my album making. In the US, I’d set up a six foot folding table in the living room and work on the albums for a week or so at a time while watching television.  The only table we have here is smaller than a card table and we have to eat at that table, so I haven’t worked on any albums here.  Ted was gone on a three day backcountry ski trip with his class, so I thought this would be a good time to work on the album from our recent vacation.  I haven’t made photo prints yet, but I have a lot of “memorabilia” for the album. I use Creative Memories albums, so I can insert pages in the appropriate places when I do get the photos made.
When I’m on vacation, I save all the brochures and tickets and I buy post cards for the album.  Each evening I put everything in a little bag (often the one I get with the post card purchase) and date it, so everything is in order when I get home and ready to work on the album.

With the daily bags, the guide book and my travel diary with notes about where we went, what we did, and how much we spent, I’m ready to work.  I know this is altogether too much detail for most people, but that’s how I am and what I do. I like to document everything.

I gather up my supplies and am ready to work.  For my travel albums, I usually do some kind of title page, but I don’t do a lot of frou frou in the rest of the album.

Now that I have all my tools and stuff out, I might catch up on the other three months since I’ve been here. When I’m old(er) and my memory is gone, I’ll have my whole life in these albums to remind me.

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