Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vacation Food

We ate (and drank) very well on this trip. Most of the time we ate Japanese food, being in Japan and all. We had pizza twice – once with our friends Anthony and Noriko in Tokyo, and we had pizza delivered to our hotel in Kyoto one night. We ate at a Chinese buffet in Chinatown.  It didn't have as many selections as the buffet in Myrtle Beach, but it was still very good. We learned that salad is a breakfast food in Japan.  Before this trip, I didn’t know that. Nabe and sushi have become my favorite foods here.

Sometimes I try to guess what signs mean.  I thought the sign with the children and 110 meant parents of children who misbehaved would be fined 110 yen.  We were later told it meant call 110 (the Japanese equivalent of 911 in the US) if a child is hurt or kidnapped.

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