Friday, April 18, 2014

Coca-cola at our Door

We often have people knock on our door, usually missionaries or newspaper salespeople.  I think most of them are surprised to see Americans when we answer the door.  This week, a woman trying to sell coca-cola subscriptions came to our door.  Who knew you could get coke products delivered to your home?  In the US, there are many different coke sodas.  Here, there is regular coke and many kinds of coffee and tea drinks and bottled water.  She gave us these free samples, even though we didn’t order anything.

The snow keeps melting, we are happy to report.  Jizo is free from the snow, but still wearing his winter clothes.  I don’t know, why but I am fascinated by the gifts people leave.

We’ve been feeding the Tsugumi birds on our balcony all winter, but now the spring birds are making their appearances.

The university put up a new sign at the entrance.  Ted wants everyone to see they’ve added the name in English!

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