Thursday, April 24, 2014

Waiting for Spring

The cherry blossoms have come and gone in the rest of Japan.  I’m watching every day, waiting for them to pop out here.  The dark bark tree in front of the white bark trees is a cherry tree.  I think I see some little buds.  I hope I see some little buds.

Ted planted some corn, melon, and kabocha on our balcony, later to be transplanted to the garden.  Yesterday he noticed one kabocha has started growing. Yay!

It takes a long time for the snow to melt here, but flowers are trying to grow anyway.

It will soon be beautiful with millions of flowers – spring is coming!


Wendy said...

We are having lots of flowers blooming as well...I just love cherry blossoms and the way they perfume the air!

Margaret said...

My garden is all weeds at the moment and I have promised it some attention on Saturday - if my dressmaking doesn't get in the way!

Thoeria said...

I love pics of the japanese cherry trees in bloom :) Lucky get to see it in real!

Queeniepatch said...

Lucky you, I wouldn't mind enjoying the rush of spring all over again. Mind you, the wisterias of Tokyo are at their best!